OMEP Euro Conf. 2019

The Portuguese Committee is hosting European Meeting and Conference 2019 event , under the theme: EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT


European Conference: provisional schedule [here]

Link for international registration:

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European Meeting 2019  –  Lisboa, Portugal

Program & News from VP for European Region, Prf. Ingrid Engdahl

Site & address: MUSEU JOÃO DE DEUS
Ave. Alvares Cabral, 69 – 1250-017 LISBOA
(OMEP, Portuguese Committee head office)
Date:  May, 16th; 2019

European Conference 2019 – Belas (Sintra)

Provisional schedule [here]

Site & address: AUDITÓRIO JOÃO DE DEUS – Jardim-Escola João de Deus – Belas
Rua Nascente Serena, n. 2 – 2605-400 BELAS
Date:   May, 17th, 18th; 2019

17th May 2019 (Friday)  – Conferences under conference theme
»» Openning, national and international communications

18th  May 2019 (Saturday) –
»» Conferences under conference theme.
»» European Committees presentations and communications

Information only for International participants:

All the registrations from abroad countries include lunch for days 17 and 18 May 2019.
After registration ask please for Swift Account Number for payment or other information,
using this email:

Registration fees:OMEP Members:€ 220 (euro)
OMEP non Members:€ 250 (euro)
Foreign Students:€ 200 (euro)

International Communications and presentations at the Conference are now closed!

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We will keep updating information as we have more details.